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paul kaveshan pkjdw at
Sun Jun 6 19:57:59 PDT 1999

Greeting Volker

i apologize for the way that sounded.  Please dont take it wrong.  My words 
sometimes dont match my meaning. :)  I in NO way am implying that someone 
without a scarf/belt is less endowed with such things.  I know several 
unscarfed/belted who are MORE of an example than some who are.  Ive seen 
women carrying something heavy walk past a group of scarfs/belts and not get 
noticed.  But try to let the King ( a powerful male) try to carry something, 
and half the white belts will be fighting to see who carries it. (example 
only,dont jump on me) :)

i feel the same as you in someways.  As a cadet, i have'nt seen myself as 
something better.  Only that someone has taken an interest in my fighting.  
Or they saw something that needed help.(I'm not perfect)

I also know MANY unscarfed/belted who cannot travel and be seen to be "hand 
picked" by a Don/Knight.  That in no way makes them unworthy, just unable to 

I apologize to all i may have offended.

If further questions. and dont want to tie up net,
pkjdw at is me.

Thank you
Ld James

>	Have you considered that there are some out there who don't wish to
>become red scarves, that we, or at least I, don't hold cadets in the sort
>of awe inspired position to look for guidence from?  Am I less a duelist
>because I have not been hand picked by a don?  Does it make me any less
>Chivalric, Noble, Honorable, or Courteus?  Can someone explain to me why
>I am less honorable to choose not to devote myself to one teacher, one
>way.  I am not meaning to say that I do not consider white scarves are
>good teachers, but the thought that I am less of a man for not wearing a
>piece of red fabric on my shoulder begins to bring out those ignoble
>thoughts that so frequent us primitives.
>	Volker
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>certainly is not living."      Alexander Dumas "The Black Tulip"
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