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Sun Jun 6 12:07:40 PDT 1999

Lord Volker,
        You do have a point. But let me make a few points. The inspiring awe 
you talk about is false. I hold no one in that regard. You just dont go up 
to the first Don or Dona you see and go"Hey I want to be a cadet to you." It 
is a matter of estabilishing a respect of a student to a teacher. I would 
not choose a Don or Dona on the expectation that I am going to be a white 
scarf. I would take a red scarf on the notion that I can learn something 
about Society in general. Also you do not devote yourself to one teacher, 
but a wealth of knowledge. When I see a Don or Dona I do not see one person 
I am devoted to but a group of many. Does the red scarf make anyone a better 
fencer, more honorable, noble, courtly? No! But I do believe that given the 
right Don or Dona/ cadet combo, depending on how hard the cadet works and 
focuses, will determine on how good that cadet can become. To this end some 
would say that you do not need a White scarf to accomplish this. I know I 
have said this very thing in the past. But now I am faced with an 
opportunity to become more than I am now. Not A White scarf but a more 
complete person. Not through the scarf but through the people who are 
teaching me. It is not all about fencing. It is about grace, both in your 
fencing and your attitude.  It is about balance.

    In defense of the Society and brotherhood
    Lord Gillie Cenfadagh Macraurie
    Companion of the Dragonsgrace

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> >That red scarf means (to me) that we have become examples.  What the
> >unscarfed would like to be.  Just as the white scarfs are examples of
> >what
> >we want to be.  Chivalric, Honorable, Courteus (and darn good fencers)
>	Have you considered that there are some out there who don't wish to
>become red scarves, that we, or at least I, don't hold cadets in the sort
>of awe inspired position to look for guidence from?  Am I less a duelist
>because I have not been hand picked by a don?  Does it make me any less
>Chivalric, Noble, Honorable, or Courteus?  Can someone explain to me why
>I am less honorable to choose not to devote myself to one teacher, one
>way.  I am not meaning to say that I do not consider white scarves are
>good teachers, but the thought that I am less of a man for not wearing a
>piece of red fabric on my shoulder begins to bring out those ignoble
>thoughts that so frequent us primitives.
>	Volker
>Lord Volker AElfwine    ------      Volker_Aelfwine at
>"Eat, drink, and spend your money, if you wish to know what life
>  really is, for as to toiling from morn to evening on a wooden stool,
>or a leathern chair, in a counting house or a laboratory, that
>certainly is not living."      Alexander Dumas "The Black Tulip"
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