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I am sorry that you were ever in the position you described.  I would hope
that a white scarf wouldn't just come out and publicly say you're wrong,
unless there was a big, big problem with fundamentals that you were


There is no "ONE, TRUE WAY" (TM)!  Anyone who tells you that is mistaken.
True, there are some fundamentals that are close to universal, but even
they are not the gospel.  If there were one way to do things, we wouldn't
have different masters of old disagreeing with one another, nor would we
have the different schools of thought in modern fencing.

*** End HERESY ALERT ***
When I watch someone else teaching and I am asked to comment or I feel the
need to add to what was said, usually it is to suggest a different
technique, and variation on the technique being taught, or possibly a more
detailed explanation on the whys and wherefores of that technique.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that our knowledge is not the end all , be
all.  That someone else might just have something to offer to the
discussion, whether they have a red scarf or no scarf.  Whether the just
started fighting yesterday even.  "Out of the mouths of babes" so to

All of us can be given 100 different suggestions and comments about our
fighting on a given day.  Hopefully, we can sort out the ones that will
work for us in all the background noise, but we should at least give
consideration to each opinion.  After all, aren't we just trying to help
each other?


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