ARN - Training A Cadet (was Red Scarves)

Kendall Johnson avalon1321 at
Mon Jun 7 11:33:57 PDT 1999

Good day to all,

The thread has been very interesting and has made me ponder many ideas
and opinions. Yet I am nagged by one situation. It was said that when a
non scarf is ready to become a cadet, it is usually their motivation
that leads them to become a cadet in further hopes of becoming a Don. 

My question is when does one know when they are ready to become a 
cadet? Surely, they are influenced by outside forces. I believe that it
should be each individuals goals and knowledge of rapier combat that
should lead one to becoming a better fencer. Is this the general
consenses? Or shouls I have started looking for a Don long ago?

A respectful bow is never out of place
Rufus Guthrie

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