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Miriam Cook miriz at
Mon Jun 7 10:42:42 PDT 1999

As was earlier said, many people (on this list)
have had all kinds of stuff done to the knees--
I am one of them.. My best piece of advise is to
start on that rehab just as soon as the Dr. says
it's okay.  It's the hardest thing to not be
able to do things that were so natural before. 
But if you stick with it religiously, comming
back- even from a total joint replacement is
possible.  Good Luck!


---Robert Kern <Wolfe at> wrote:
> Thanks for the advice.  I have never had a
surgery of any kind exept for a
> bullet removal (no time to worry or think
about that) and a lot of stitches.
> So it kinda has me nervous.
> Robert Wolfe
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> > I wish you lots of luck, but don't worry I
have 5 knee surgerys all
> together,
> > and they still work pretty well, after alot
of hard work. Don't let the
> > docter limit you to a disability, but don't
push it to hard that you couse
> a
> > repetative or a stress injury. It is a fine
line, but you can fine the
> place
> > to draw it for yourself.
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