ARN - Training A Cadet (was Red Scarves) LTThumper at
Mon Jun 7 16:25:11 PDT 1999

I don't fell that it is looking to the next level in skill or greatness I 
feel that it is more of a political ladder of sorts.  What let me explain I 
have not seen very many people become a Don without becoming a Cadet because 
it is a voted thing.  You need someone to convince the Don circle that you 
are ready to take on the responsibility of a Don, or you just get forgotten, 
because there is so much more business to take care of.  The more Don There 
are the harder it will be.  I know that I'm not ready, but I would like a Don 
that I feel would be a good mentor to take stoke in me so to speak.  When was 
the last Don presented, I can't remember to tell you the truth.  So most off 
the nonscafed do aspire to be a Don but there is a long road that you must 
take to be noticed.
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