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Mon Jun 14 15:03:27 PDT 1999

FINALLY got ahold of my doctor.  Situation is a bit different than my
parents understood it.  The reason that he didn't fix my knee is that he
thinks there is a chance it can heal on it's own with the help of certain
drugs.  So he didn't remove the bad cartilage.

The short term effect is that I will be a much longer time in the healing
process.  We are talking months before I even reenter physical therapy, and
then several months of therapy.  But the long term effect is that if it
works, it would be a real 100% regrowth, as opposed to him cutting out the
damaged area.

So, that's what is going on.  I won't be fencing any this year it looks
like, and it will be awhile before I can even get to any SCA events.  But
hopefully next year I'll be as good as new.

The real reason the doc is taking this longer approach is to avoid
arthritis some ten years down the road.

Well, for those that are interested, that's what's going on.

Robert Wolfe
Rapier Marshall of Falconridge
Robert Kern
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