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Mon Mar 1 13:52:29 PST 1999

Greetings, all, from Baron Michael Silverhands (a sometime fencer):

Lenny Zimmermann wrote:
> Erazmus wrote in response to Tomas Pancaldo's question on a rapier Peerage:
> >Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but Peerages are Known-World wide,
> >aren't they?
> >It seems to me that a major reason there is no Soft Suit Peerage, is that
> >not all Kingdoms recognize the activity.
> That is certainly part of it. Although I believe some Kingdoms do have, or
> at least had, "naked" Patents of Arms, which would make the recipient a
> Peer, but not an actual member of any of the Peerage Orders.
> [ snip ]
> Honos Servio
> Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg
> (Lenny Zimmermann, San Antonio)

Yes, you have "hit the nail on the head". There are those in Ansteorra (which
*founded* the Order of the White Scarf, let us remember) who are quietly,
persistently campaigning for counting Dons among the Peers. HOWEVER (as you put
it so well) this is:
> not likely to happen until all
> Kingdoms approve Rapier Combat AND it is a fully recognized activity by the
> BOD AND all of the Kingdoms accept that they would like to see such a change
> made

The main sticking point is, it must be recognized in *every* Kingdom. Since it
is considered "duelling" in some Kingdoms, and therefore illegal, it may *never*
be accepted world-wide. (Of course, assault with a club is *also* illegal, but
apparently irrelevant...)

Also remember that the SCA was founded (and is still mostly run) by people who
wanted to advance the ideals of KNIGHTHOOD, *not* "swashbuckling" as they might
call it. (Pleeaasse don't flame me, these are not my words, I'm just passing on
what I've observed...) These same individuals are unlikely to want "to see such
a change made".

The only answer I can offer is: continue to BE a Peer, and sooner or later you
will be ACKNOWLEDGED to be one. So, if we can (persistently, persistently) keep
quietly advancing the Order of the White Scarf throughout the Known World, and
continue to maintain high standards for nobility of bearing and of character
(not to mention being good with a blade), then eventually that goal *might* be achieved.

Yours in service,
(Baron Michael Silverhands)
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