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Mon Mar 1 15:31:57 PST 1999

Michael Tucker wrote:

> Greetings, all, from Baron Michael Silverhands (a sometime fencer):

> The main sticking point is, it must be recognized in *every* Kingdom. Since it
> is considered "duelling" in some Kingdoms, and therefore illegal, it may *never*
> be accepted world-wide. (Of course, assault with a club is *also* illegal, but
> apparently irrelevant...)

Not so, actually.  Rapier is legal in all Kingdoms, save Calontir.  The mundane dueling code
thing was shot down years ago as patently ridiculous.  As a lawyer told me when I was living
in Meridies, "If dueling with a sword is prohibited by law, then it won't matter if that
'sword' is made of rattan, steel, or spaghetti.  It's the ACT of dueling that is

Calontir's take is that rapier goes against the narrow definition of Medieval culture that
it's inhabitants have willingly agreed to adhere to.  Technically, THAT reason violates
Corpora, but is counterproductive in the extreme to pursue.

The BOD has never come out and said that they want it to be in every Kingdom before they
will act.  Remember, the BOD prefers to act in an appellate role, rather than come out and
say "do it this way."  Perhaps they are awaiting a far-sighted Crown to call 'em up and say
"Hey, I've got an idea....."

They are otherwise, conspicuously silent on the matter.

Kazimir Petrovich

> Also remember that the SCA was founded (and is still mostly run) by people who
> wanted to advance the ideals of KNIGHTHOOD, *not* "swashbuckling" as they might
> call it. (Pleeaasse don't flame me, these are not my words, I'm just passing on
> what I've observed...) These same individuals are unlikely to want "to see such
> a change made".
> The only answer I can offer is: continue to BE a Peer, and sooner or later you
> will be ACKNOWLEDGED to be one. So, if we can (persistently, persistently) keep
> quietly advancing the Order of the White Scarf throughout the Known World, and
> continue to maintain high standards for nobility of bearing and of character
> (not to mention being good with a blade), then eventually that goal *might* be achieved.
> Yours in service,
> Michael
> (Baron Michael Silverhands)
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