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Tue Mar 2 13:35:57 PST 1999

Michael Tucker wrote:

> Oh! Thank you for bringing be up to date, Don Kazimir. My information was
> obviously dated, although I hear it repeated often enough. I'll do my part to
> squash this "old news" whenever I hear it repeated in my presence.
> However, I believe the gist of my point is still valid: Peerage is a
> Society-wide award. A Laurel from Calontir is recognized a Laurel in every other
> kingdom. I don't believe any kingdom can unilaterally create a new order of
> Peerage. It must be accepted and recognized in every Kingdom, then written into
> Corpora. I think that's the process we are seeing with the White Scarf, we just
> aren't there yet.

I still agree with you.., but only to a point.  That point is that there IS NO process by which a
new Peerage may be created.  New Kingdom.., yep.  Principality..., yep.  We have existed with the
current status quo for so long that the mere thought of altering it is such anathema to some that
we never quite get to the mechanics of process.

The Middle Kingdom, in an effort to recognize Kingdom officers who had served successful tenure,
yet had not earned Peerage, created the Grant of Arms.  The Grant of arms is now FIRMLY entrenched
in the culture of almost every Kingdom.  It is certainly recognized in the OP's of every Kingdom.
However, after the fact, Corpora was altered to reflect that Crowns had the right to bestow AoA's
and GoA's.

I cite this to show that it MAY start with one Kingdom.., while other Kingdoms do not participate.

The BOD must certainly approve (and thereby officially create) any new Peerage.., but nowhere does
it say that they have to be the impetus for it's creation..., or that it need be immediately
acceptable in every Kingdom at once.

> The suggestion about making non-Knight marshal Peers (rapier, archery,
> equestrian) by conferring a Master of Arms is interesting. Maybe this would be
> worth discussing with some of our Kingdom's more senior Masters of Arms, to see
> what their reaction to the idea is? On the one hand, I am inclined to agree that
> this avenue seems unlikely; but on the other hand, I see no reason to presume
> the cause is lost without at least looking into it. Besides, if this approach
> *is* workable, it will only be so with the active support of the current Masters
> of Arms.

I agree.., but the entire Order of the Chivalry would have to be consulted..., and despite some
very free-thinkers in its midst, the predominant philosophy of Knighthood inthe SCA is quite

> Yours,
> Michael
> (Baron Michael Silverhands, Baron of Stargate)

Thanks for the reply!!

Kazimir Petrovich

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