ARN - Re: Blade Inspection

Brent & Susan Rachel hbrache at
Thu Mar 18 15:02:11 PST 1999

Greetings to all and thanks to those who have responded regarding the blade and
weapon inspection checklist.  The final product will be hammered out at the
Kingdom Officers Workshop (thingie) weekend after next.  Foe those of you who have
not yet made your feelings known, you still have a little over a week.

To better prepare for that meeting, I'd like to ask you all a very important
question.., several actually:

In your opinions, what are the most pressing problems facing rapier in Ansteorra
right now?

Answer on 2 levels:

The first: the marshalate, rules, and the overall nuts and bolts of rapier in

The second: the spiritual, intellectual, and philosophical problems you note
within our "community" and the Kingdom.

The comments to the first will become discussion points for the Marshalate to fix.
I welcome comment from without the Kingdom if you have observations.  Feel free to
pass this on to those who do not subscribe to this list (naughty folks!).

The second will be forwarded anonymously for discussion by the White Scarves and
the Crown.  Or..., if YOU want to talk about things face to face, look me up at an
event...., I really want to hear what you have to say!

Baron Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov,
Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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