ARN - Stuff that Needs Filling in....

Gail P. Taylor gtaylor at
Wed Mar 24 18:16:13 PST 1999

I have stuff that needs filling in on our Impending
Ansteorran Rapier Web Site, that I don't feel like tracking
down or typing up.

Can anyone from Ansteorra fill in who any of the following,
up to the present time, complete with a brief summary of
what the award or tourney means?

Queen's Champions
Holders of the Queen's Blade of Honor
Queen's Rapiers
Guardians of the Gauntlet

Does anybody feel like taking on the Cadet category?

What is a Cadet?
Who are the Cadets?
Famous Cadet Tricks
Don/Cadet Lineage

Also, what would be good for this page would be another
multi-person opinion piece on the subject of, "What is a
Cadet", rather like the one I'm putting together from our
"Advice to Newcomers" conversation we had a month or so
ago.   It's been discussed before...anybody want to go
digging through rapier-net archives?

Isobel, the tired of typing.

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