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>Guardians of the Gauntlet

The Guardian of the Gauntlet was formed by Master/Don Eldric de Charbenau 
(sorry Bill for slaughtering your name).  The idea was that Tivar, being 
the embodiment of all things Rapier, would have one Gauntlet, always, and 
there would be a tourney to decide who would hold the matching Gauntlet.  
I don't remember who made the original pair of Gauntlets, Master Eldric 
or his lady at the time.

Don Simonn of the Amber Isle won the first tourney.  At court that night, 
Simonn offered Tivar the matching Gauntlet, feeling that Tivar should 
have the whole set.  Simonn replaced that Gauntlet with the now (I 
believe) current one.  I'm afraid that I don't know the whole list, but I 
know the first few Guardians:

Don Tivar Moondragon
Don Simonn of Amber Isle
Ld Conor Sigmundsson, cadet to Don Iolo
Don Ericus of the Silverhand
Don Glenn de Graythorn

I think that Don Eule won it next, and then the current owner (help??).


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