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Amy Forsyth aforsyth at UH.EDU
Thu Mar 25 07:54:31 PST 1999

At 08:39 AM 3/25/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>Guardians of the Gauntlet
>I'm afraid that I don't know the whole list, but I 
>know the first few Guardians:
>Don Tivar Moondragon
>Don Simonn of Amber Isle
>Ld Conor Sigmundsson, cadet to Don Iolo
>Don Ericus of the Silverhand
>Don Glenn de Graythorn
>I think that Don Eule won it next, and then the current owner (help??).
Eule did end up with the Gauntlet (but I don't know if the succession list
is correct, ie. if there was anyone between Glenn and Eule)..... and the
tourney lapsed.

A few years later (1992? -- I know it was in July and held in Liberty, TX),
Eule's cadet (now Don Christoforo) & myself autocrated a revival of the
tourney.  The victor was Don Durmast.  

The event was held again the following year -- in Ravens Fort (?)(and I'm
always forgetting the name of the person who won it).  Since then it has
not been held again.

My understanding is that the winner was supposed to autocrat (or at least
host) and provide the prize for the following year's tourney.  And that the
prizes were rather elaborate.


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