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I wish I knew enough to write an article, but wish you good luck and hope to
see the finished project.
Duncan MacDougall of Kererra
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>Greetings fellow Ansteorrans!
>I've been asked by my friend down in Seawinds, to help him put together
>an Academy of the Rapier booklet, for the Academy of the rapier that his
>group is bidding for.  I've had a number of ideas, listed below.  I'm
>soliciting additional ideas/articles, as well as folks who will would
>like to volunteer to write about any of these present ideas...
>1.  Rapier-Associated Hats:  Which are actually period to
>1620?  Felt Hats:  How to block or reblock a felt hat.  Making a nifty
>Elizabethan hat from a felt hat blank.  Hat Accessories.  How to make a
>cavalier hat.  How to rescue wet feathers.
>2.  Torso:  Period patterns that will result in something that is legal
>under the new rules.  How to make those nifty slashed/paned sleeves.
>How to be as beautiful as Robert on the field (hehe...).  Judy's Linen
>can be used to make a heat-reducing 3-layer doublet/shirt combination.
>Making a period pouffy shirt.  A quick and safe under-shirt shell.
>3.  Gloves:  Glove maintenance.  Glove creation.  Cuff
>addition/modification of mundane gloves, to create a period flair.
>Glove Sources.
>4.  Pants:  Repeat Tivar's Quick and Dirty trunk hose?  Pattern for the
>Big Pants with Canions (spelling and proper noun blockage) that many are
>wearing now.
>5.  Boots:  Ways to make a period boot from somethign you buy at
>Walmart.  Boot accessories.  Spatting/slashing black tennies.
>6.  Hoods:  Pattern for a hood that's directly afixed to a fencing
>mask.  Hoods/padding techniques used for fencing helms of various
>7.  Helms:  What's out there, when are they from, how to make various
>styles legal, pros and cons of use.
>8.  Weapons:  What's all this about daggers
>(discussion/description/source for the new dagger types)?  Article about
>origin, etc, of Del Tin Blades and who is selling them.  Period
>schlager/del tin specific techniques.  40+ inch blade strategies.
>Training an Epee right (so that it lasts as long as possible).  Making a
>swept-hilt, epee-legal (even at Pennsic, Avery... ;)  ).  Making a
>9.  Actual fighting:  Cloak-guy's favorite Cloak techniques.  Basic
>Buckler Strategies.  Using a scabbard.  Very-effective-killer's favorite
>drills.  Warm up drills.  Hand Sniping.  How to focus for a tourney.
>Case is Fun...if you practice it correctly.  Successful Ground
>Fighting.  A short course on Tourney Styles.  Fighting in defensive
>stance.  Using your opponents sense of timing against him.  A short
>fighters advice on killing tall people.  Fighting in the Round.
>10.  New Fighters-  Becoming Authorized. What to expect at your first
>Tourney.   Beyond Authorization.  Etiquette on the field.  How to gain
>infamy, quickly.  Advice on Blow Calling.    Good starter blade combo to
>buy.  Good basic moves that will kill overconfident experienced
>opponents (or Isobel).  A newby's first day out...what should you teach
>him/her?  Hills and Canyons; don't get discouraged when you seem to be
>deproving!    Effective teaching strategies.  Goals for the new fighter.
>11.  What is a Cadet.  What misc. Dons look for in a cadet.
>12.  Theory:  Italian vs French dueling concepts.  Were Rapiers used at
>War?  The Roaring Girls; A reasonable English Rapier Persona for women.
>What are we doing out here, anyway?  etc., etc.  Women on the list
>field.  Famous Rapier Duels.  Great movies for Rapier fighters.  Great
>documentaries/instructional videos for rapier fighters.  Remember...this
>is supposed to be fun.
>13.  Misc:  Crossing over to Heavy Fighting...what can I expect?  A
>rapierists guide to the HW Spear.  Fighting rapier in other Kingdoms.
>Fighting Rapier at War.
>14.  Youth Rapier.  Introduction to Ansteorran Youth Rapier.  Summary of
>Rules that are different from Adult rules.  Advice when teaching kids.
>Marshaling Kids.
>15.  Summary of Society Rules changes.
>16.  Marshaling:  What makes a blade bad?  Etc...
> are more topics than will every make it into one booklet.
>Pick one or two that strike your fancy and let me know that you want to
>write somethign.  Or...again, feel free to write about anything else,
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