ARN - Re: France-Lame Blades

Brent & Susan Rachel hbrache at
Wed Oct 20 16:29:18 PDT 1999

There never was a ban on these blades in Ansteorra.  We cautioned folks
that they may not get much life out of them and that they may be a safety
hazard.  We never experienced the problems that other Kingdoms did...,
probably as a result of this warning.

I have heard nothing recently about the quality of FL blades.  Comments
from the gallery?

They are, of course, open for general use.

Kazimir Petrovich,
Kingdom Rapier Marshal

Marcus Hite wrote:

> Greetings,
> I have not heard about the France-Lames blade for some time.  Is there
> still a ban or warnings on these blades, I have been advising people
> against them, but I wanted to check and see what the official stance is
> on this blade. Thanks
> Marquet
> Donovan's

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