ARN - Bryn Gwlad Youth Rapier Tourney CADET1313 at
Sun Oct 24 16:14:51 PDT 1999

Greeting good people of Ansteorra.
I would like to thank the 3 youths that fought in the Bryn Gwlad Tourney 
today. They did a wonderful job. They fought with honor, courage, and heart. 
Their names are:

David of Bjornsborg  (winner)
Lady Rosalind Moondragon
Ian MacConacher

I would also like to thank HRM Octavia, HRH Kayliegh and HE Jehone for the 
prizes and largess they gave to each of the fighters.

And :o)

Lord Charles,Lady Amerinda and Don Eisen for the Gift of prizes as well.

Please come out and watch these Youth Rapier tourneys when your groups have 
them. You will find that it will show you just how fun our game should be. If 
we smiled only 1/2 as much as these young fighters did we would all have a 
much better time in our game. :o)

Ld Pieter Rausch
Ansteorra YRM
Cadet to Don Jeremy
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