ARN - Gothic: lost and found

paul kaveshan pkjdw at
Mon Sep 20 18:16:44 PDT 1999

Greetings to all who weathered Gothic this year.  In the mad dash to get 
everything packed up, someone packed my fencing helm and hood by mistake.  
The hood is plaid covering with a rip in the back of it.  The mask is well 
worn with a few dents in it.

Also missing is a heavy fighters gorget. It is black leather with a yellow 
cross surrounded by red.  It was loaned out to a female fighter by Ian Mc 
Leod from Blacklake.

If anyone has information or has these items, PLEASE respond as i need the 
mask for this weekend.

Thank you

Ld James De Warrenne
pkjdw at

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