ARN - playing the prize this weekend

Wayne Ross wayner at
Mon Sep 20 09:11:20 PDT 1999

I would like to invite all who are attending Elfsea Defender this weekend in
the Barony of Elfsea in Ansteorra to come and bear witness to and
participate in my playing the prize/running a gauntlet in accordance with
the traditions of the Don to whom I am recently cadetted, Robert McFarlane
(once called Horoun).
On Sunday morning, beginning at 9 a.m., and continuing until all are
satisfied (or site closes), I will face all comers with either epee or
schlager/Del Tin, and a secondary combination of your choosing, for a best 2
of 3 passes. Refreshments will be provided.

Thank you for you attention,

Lord Duncan Hepburn
Central Regional Rapier Marshal
Cadet to Don Robert McFarlane
Apprentice to Mistress Lasair ni Fhionnualann

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