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I want to throw my two cents worth in here...speaking as someone with a 16th
century Lowland Scottish persona. Scotland in period had strong ties with
the French moreso than the English. The language of court was French...not
English or Gaelic. A lot of the nobles were actually of French descent or
birth. That is one of the reasons for the emnity between the highlands and
the lowlands. While my name is registered as Duncan Hepburn, the period
spelling and pronounciation is "de Hibburne". If you want a lowland Scottish
outfit, look to the French style of the age for cut and color. MUCH more
fashionable than what the dirty English were wearing, I can assure you sir.
(that was said in a light tone...meaning no serious offense). If you are
looking for a Highland style of dress...then the fashion is much less
"Elizabethan", and more what we think of when we think of Scots (kilts,
trews, etc.).
And if, as a newcomer, this is too much information you are being hit with,
and is risking you having fun....then go with something that gives the
flavor of being a Scot, while being more conventional..i.e. a sash of tartan
draped across the chest of your leather jerkin will identify you as a Scot.

Hope this helps.

Duncan Hepburn
The Steppes of Ansteorra

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> Don Etienne is correct, especially about lowland Scots. As for patterns
> might try looking to Janet Arnold's book, The Patterns of Fashion: The Cut
> and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women c1560-1620. The catch is you
> will have to draft a pattern yourself, the benefit is great documentation
> how the garments were made. You may try Panther Loges or Smoke and Fire as
> they may have patterns for doublets and jerkins to sell.
> Panther Lodges
> P.O. Box 32 St. Rt 33
> Normantown, WV 25267
> Smoke and Fire
> Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.
> By the way, what area do you live in, there maybe someone close by that
> offer more assistance.
> Don Brian
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> Well, I have a leather jerkin pattern (or can make one off of my jerkin),
> but it's not "Scottish".  One of the most common misconceptions
> the Scots in period is that they had developed the stereotypical national
> dress one sees today at highland games, Warner Brothers cartoons, and the
> hideously incorrect Braveheart.  In fact, a 16th century Scot pretty much
> dressed the same as a 16th century Englishman.  His clothes might have
> made from coarser materials, but even that would depend on his social
> status.
> Don Etienne
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> > Does any one have a pattern for a leather fighting Jerkin, or something
> else
> > that can be made to look Scottish?
> >
> > Caerell MacDomnaill
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