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Well I guess I didn't give enough information on myself,

I am Caerell MacDomnaill born of the Highland in 1160.  As a young man I
found me way to the sea, looking for adventure.  I have worked for many
years as a Cooper, , with stints on land as a Galoglass working for the
Irish.  I now have me own ship, which I liberated from the Spanish,  Though
I speak not the language of the Spanish I have kept the ships name as it was
when I liberated it, the "Estrella Negra".

So the type of Jerkin I am looking for need not be Scottish, but maybe
something a Scottish sailor might have found useful and taken it as a part
of his kit.

I wil look at all of the web sites and see if anything is helpful.

Thanks for all of the Advice
Caerell MacDomnaill
Canton of Loch Ruadh in the Barony of Elfsea
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> I want to throw my two cents worth in here...speaking as someone with a
> century Lowland Scottish persona. Scotland in period had strong ties with
8< snip snip
> (that was said in a light tone...meaning no serious offense). If you are
> looking for a Highland style of dress...then the fashion is much less
> "Elizabethan", and more what we think of when we think of Scots (kilts,
> trews, etc.).

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