ARN - Re: ANST - New Youth Rapier Rules

Krzysztof Kopernik kopernik at
Mon Apr 17 17:59:42 PDT 2000

Be sure to upload a new copy of the rules to the web site.  Let me know if
you need assistance with this.  The Earl Marshal should take care of this,
but I will gladly help.

At 08:46 PM 4/17/00 -0400, CADET1313 at wrote:
>As of 4-15-00 the Ansteorran Youth Rapier rules have changed. There is no 
>longer any draw cuts to be used. Also rising from the ground is also illegal.
>Thank you for your support,
>Ld Pieter Rausch
>Ansteorra YRM
>Cadet to Don Jeremy 
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