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Thought Everyone would like to know.

Caerell MacDomnaill

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> Greetings!
> We at Mythos Productions just wanted to take a moment to thank you for
> kind inquiry regarding the upcoming film, "In Service to the Dream".  We
> realize that you are all wondering where and when the film will be
> and we are going to ask you for some SCA-style help in this matter.
> The film was created with the intention of releasing it into theatres
> the country, if not the world!  Wouldn't it be great to go to the theatre
> with a couple hundred friends and watch a film about our favorite
> Well, here is where you come in.  Mythos has already had great interest
> shown by as many as eight of the major documentary distrubutors in the
> world, and what we would like to do is demonstrate to them how important
> (knowne) world sees this film.  So, please tell EVERYONE you know about
> film and, most importantly, the website.  Ask them to visit the site and
> either fill out the Guest Registry, or go to the Contact Us page (don't
> the form, just click an email address) and send us an email requesting
> information on the release date and availability to purchase the film.
> way the distributors will realize just how many people there are out there
> in the world that would potentially come to see the film, and they will be
> forced to put it into theatres!
> As for the release date and availability (to answer your original
> we are just in the process of completing post-production and are planning
> do the final sound mix at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch.  Our hopes are to
> sell the film by the end of the year, and from there it will be up to the
> distributors to determine when it hits the theatres.  But, the louder the
> outcry, the sooner it will be!!!  So keep the word of mouth going, spread
> on your kingdom newsgroups and newsletters, tell your mundane friends and
> families, etc.  There are also a number of other VERY interesting points
> note regarding the film, so please keep checking in on the website.  If it
> appears stagnant for a week or two, please bear with us as post-production
> is very gruelling and sometimes there just isn't enough time to deal with
> the site.  But it will be updated!
> Thank you, once again, for your kind interest and encouragement.
> Yours In Service,
> Syr Valdemar den Ivrige & Lady Valentina Isabella Rosatti
> Christopher Burns & Christina Cardinale

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