ARN - Prize at Steppes Warlord

Chris Backus cbackus at
Mon Apr 24 11:42:03 PDT 2000

To every Ansteorran Gentle, Greetings and an Invitation,

I had planned to play my prize at To Save a Queen, in celebration of my
birthday.  The English weather robbed me of that pleasure.  Therefore, I
plan to play that prize at Steppes Warlord.

If you take pleasure in contest with bated blades, please come test me.  My
greatest wish is that I face every practitioner of this gentle art.  I will
have a book for you to sign, so that I can remember you and you can give me
such good advice as you see fit at the time.  I will bring some small amount
of refreshments that we might enjoy ourselves of a fine Saturday morning, so
please come and join me.

I will begin in the morning and play until everybody who wishes has had a
chance to meet me.  Any questions may be sent with the messenger that brings
you this missive.

In hopes of seeing you,
Stephen Hawkins

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