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Sat Apr 29 20:49:10 PDT 2000

Greetings from Lady Layla al-Tabrizi:

I will be sponsoring a rapier list at Elfsea Springfaire. It will be in the
form of several 'looting and pillaging' type scenarios as described below.
Please pass this information along to other fighters who do not subscribe to
this list. Thank you!
I will also be needing volunteers to assist with setup, list mistress,
heralds, and to play some of the other roles such as merchant, bartender,
etc. Please email me in private if you'd like to help out.
Hope to see you all there!


Each fighter will be given a certain number of tokens to represent money.
Fighters will be required to have the tokens with them at all times.
Throughout the tournament there will be opportunities to ‘loot’ tokens from
other fighters. Bonus points and a special prize will be given for the
fighter with the most ‘loot’ at the end. Prizes will also be given for
things like ‘best death’, most entertaining fighter, etc.


    PREMISE: Each fighter will have the opportunity to "loot" a merchant’s
shop. In order to successfully win this round, you will need to kill, injure
or sufficiently distract the merchant and succeed in carrying off a piece of
merchandise from the store. (You do not necessarily have to kill the
merchant, just be able to escape with the merchandise).

    POINTS: One point will be awarded to each fighter who succeeds in
"looting" the store.

    (If the fighter is injured, they can still try to "escape" with a piece
of merchandise. If successful, they will get a point for the round. You must
however, act in accordance with your wound(s). For instance, if you are hit
in the leg, you may need to crawl out of the store, etc.).

    LOOTING OPPORTUNITY: The merchant will have tokens that can be stolen in
addition to the required piece of merchandise.

    b.. ALLEY FIGHT: (This scenario may be omitted depending on time
allotted for rapier list and number of fighters)

    PREMISE: Two teams of fighters encounter each other in an alley. A melee
fight breaks out.

    POINTS: One point shall be awarded to each member of the winning team.

    LOOTING OPPORTUNITY: Tokens may be ‘looted from dead fighters. (When
looting someone the fighter should tell the person that they are looting
them and the victim will be required to hand over their tokens, instead of
actually physically searching the body). ‘Dead’ fighters should not leave
the melee area. They can get out of the way of the fighting, but should
remain on the ground somewhere near the fighting so as to be ‘fair game’ for


PREMISE: After a hard days ‘looting’ the fighters relax at the local tavern.
The peaceful scene is interrupted when the town guard bursts in to make some
arrests. A bar room brawl breaks out.

DETAILS: Each fighter who was successful in ‘looting’ the merchant’s shop
will be one of the ‘bad guys’.

The fighters who were not successful in ‘looting’ the merchant’s shop will
play the role of a town guard member. In order to ‘arrest’ a ‘bad guy’, the
guard must convince the bad guy to yield. The guards will also be trying to
prevent any of the ‘bad guys’ from escaping. Other fighting and non-fighting
roles will be available such as barkeep, serving wenches, drunkards, etc.
Those playing one of the ‘accessory’ roles may choose to assist either the
‘bad guys’ or the ‘guards’. In order to get any points for this round,
however, a fighter must play either a ‘guard’ or a ‘bad guy’.

PROPS: Please bring any boffer items/weapons you might have.


Bad guys:   1 point will be scored for each guard killed.

                  1 point given if a successful ‘escape’ is made.

Guards:      1 point for each successful ‘arrest’.

                  1 point for each bad guy killed.

LOOTING OPPORTUNITY: Amidst the chaos, any ‘dead’ fighters are ‘fair game’
for looting. There will also be ‘money’ at the bar to ‘loot’.

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