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Timothy Adams toadams at
Tue Aug 8 11:29:55 PDT 2000

what about tip cuts?
they are not in the "valid blow" desciption.


>New Ansteorran Rules:
>1.Any thrust that strikes with 4 pounds (1.8kg) of force will be
>considered a valid blow. This is the amount of force it takes to flex a #5 
>French foil by 2 inches (5cm) or a #5 epee by  ½ inch >(1.5cm). 2.Any cut 
>that the fighter perceives against himself, where the edge
>of the blade slides at least 10 inches (24cm) will be considered a valid 
>3.A valid blow to the following areas will end the fight, resulting
>in defeat for the recipient:
>         a.Torso
>         b.Groin
>         c.Neck
>         d.Head
>         e.Brachial artery (arm pit and inside upper arm down to one
>hand’s width from the arm pit)
>         f.Femoral artery (inside of thigh down to one hand’s width from
>the groin)
>Old Ansteorran Rules:
>c.The effects of a good blow from a cut or thrust are:
>              i.A good thrust to the torso, neck or head is a killing
>blow and ends the fight.
>              ii.A good cut to the neck, the brachial artery (under the
>arm between the armpit and the elbow), the femoral artery (inside of the
>thigh between
>                the groin and the knee) or the abdomen (between ribs and
>hips, front or back) is a kill.
>              iii.A good cut or thrust to an arm disables that arm.
>              iv.A good cut or thrust to a hand disables the hand, but
>the arm may still be used.
>              v.A good cut or thrust to a foot or a leg disables that leg
>and makes it impossible for the fighter to stand or use his legs to move
>              vi.A cut to the head or chest may be acted out as the
>fighter sees fit.
>New Corporate Rules:
>D. A good thrust to the
>           head,
>           neck,
>           torso
>           inner groin (to the fighter’s hand width down the inner limb),
>or armpit (to the fighter’s inner hand width down the limb) shall be
>judged incapacitating, rendering the fighter incapable of further
>combat. Draw cuts to these locations shall be judged incapacitating. Tip
>cuts may be considered incapacitating to any or all of these regions, as
>Kingdoms see fit.
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