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II.C. Blows are to be struck by thrusting with the point of the blade (thrust) 
or sliding the edge of the blade (draw cut or push cut). Optionally, upon prior 
agreement of all involved fighters, blows may be struck by placing the tip and 
then drawing it across an opponent (tip cut). Chopping or saber-type cuts are 
not permitted. 

Blows are defined as above in a different part than which Isobel quoted. So if 
I am interpreting the rules appropriately... if there is prior agreement then, 
yes, tip cuts are valid blows.


On Tue Aug  8 13:29:55 2000, ansteorra-rapier at wrote:

> what about tip cuts?
> they are not in the "valid blow" desciption.
> Timothy
> >New Ansteorran Rules:
> >1.Any thrust that strikes with 4 pounds (1.8kg) of force will be
> >considered a valid blow. This is the amount of force it takes to flex a #5 
> >French foil by 2 inches (5cm) or a #5 epee by  ½ inch >(1.5cm). 2.Any cut 
> >that the fighter perceives against himself, where the edge
> >of the blade slides at least 10 inches (24cm) will be considered a valid 
> >blow.
> >3.A valid blow to the following areas will end the fight, resulting
> >in defeat for the recipient:
> >	     a.Torso
> >	     b.Groin
> >	     c.Neck
> >	     d.Head
> >	     e.Brachial artery (arm pit and inside upper arm down to one
> >hand’s width from the arm pit)
> >	     f.Femoral artery (inside of thigh down to one hand’s width from
> >the groin)
> >
> >
> >Old Ansteorran Rules:
> >c.The effects of a good blow from a cut or thrust are:
> >		  i.A good thrust to the torso, neck or head is a killing
> >blow and ends the fight.
> >		  ii.A good cut to the neck, the brachial artery (under the
> >arm between the armpit and the elbow), the femoral artery (inside of the
> >thigh between
> >		    the groin and the knee) or the abdomen (between ribs and
> >hips, front or back) is a kill.
> >		  iii.A good cut or thrust to an arm disables that arm.
> >		  iv.A good cut or thrust to a hand disables the hand, but
> >the arm may still be used.
> >		  v.A good cut or thrust to a foot or a leg disables that leg
> >and makes it impossible for the fighter to stand or use his legs to move
> >about.
> >		  vi.A cut to the head or chest may be acted out as the
> >fighter sees fit.
> >
> >New Corporate Rules:
> >D. A good thrust to the
> >
> >	       head,
> >	       neck,
> >	       torso
> >	       inner groin (to the fighter’s hand width down the inner limb),
> >or armpit (to the fighter’s inner hand width down the limb) shall be
> >judged incapacitating, rendering the fighter incapable of further
> >combat. Draw cuts to these locations shall be judged incapacitating. Tip
> >cuts may be considered incapacitating to any or all of these regions, as
> >Kingdoms see fit.
> >
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