ARN - Mooneschadowe Guardian XX - Insegnante (Rapier) Tourney

Walter Robin aborman at
Mon Aug 21 11:37:09 PDT 2000

The Guardian Insegnante (meaning "Teacher" in Italian) Tourney is scheduled for Sunday at 10 am. (We ARE pretty good about keeping to the schedule)

The victor is selected by election of fighters, Insegnantes, and the List Mistresses. Once an Insegnante, Always an Insegnante; However, past Rapier Champions ARE eligible to play for the newer title. We recommend the use of Heavy Rapier blades for the greater entertainment of the gallery.

The inestimable (and now Don) Stephen Hawkins, as our current champion, is running this as a challenge tourney, thusly:
For the first round, fighters line up by order of precedence. Starting with the lowest, each may challenge one person higher up the line.
For subsequent rounds, fighters line up by record; those with the most losses select their opponent first. The tourney will go five rounds like this with some extra *challenges* thrown in for good measure ( a la "Bonus points if you poke him in the eye while hopping on one foot and patting your tummy" )

Our tourney is a famous exhibition of Skill, Courtesy, and Gallantry. Join us, and maybe we can make a don out of you too!

Ld Walter Robin,
Seneschal, Mooneschadowe

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