ARN - To Honor the Rose

Darius and Monica dmmerlick at
Thu Aug 24 14:43:39 PDT 2000

I would like to get peoples comments on a tournament idea in honor of
the Order of the Rose:

The concept is this, (warning, story mode approaching)

It is a warm summer's morning, somewhere in Ansteorra.  Don's, cadets
and others have gathered and practice tentatively for the approaching
tournament of skill and honor.  Beside the list field is an area
decorated in garlands of roses, many seats await their most honored
guest.  Suddenly a fanfare is heard, all that are present turn and look,
shading their eyes from the radiance of the morning event.  Then in
stately procession come those they have gathered to honor the members of
the Order of the Rose.  Each is given the adoration and love that they
held once from this community as Queen. Today the rapier community of
Ansteorra shows their best in honor, skill and chivalry for the glory of
those we have held beloved as "Her Majesty."  

Throughout the day, the tourney continues, at the end only one will
remain as champion, only one will be awarded a simple silver ring, as a
token of their victory.  To this champion is given a glass and the
greatest prize of the day, a single toast to those who we have fought
for.  Time will pass and all will gather once again to see who will next
be able to pay tribute to this gracious order as a victor in a
tournament to honor the rose. 

(Story mode off)

I may be a hopeless romantic, but does this sound like fun to any one

HL Darius of the Bells
Cadet to Don Llywellyn
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