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Dean, Jenice A. JENICE.A.DEAN at
Fri Dec 1 07:54:25 PST 2000

Greetings all 

   I just re-read the post concerning S&C.  I hadn't noticed before this
line before

> then we may all retire to a wonderful Tavern style feast!
I struck me as ironic that we would be asked to spend the day acting the
proper gentle born and then be fed in a tavern.  I wonder if they would be
terribly upset if we started a brawl or two. Then again it might be a very
respectable tavern (unlike the Boar's Breast in Bryn Gwlad) and the
proprietors would most likely be terribly put out if we scuffed the tables
by leaping betwixt them. Perhaps the fear of us misbehaving is the cause for
the feast not to be held at the Baronial holdings.

All in all I am unworried on the matter. I look forward to seeing all of my
scarved and unscarved brethren. Ok, and some of my belted and unbelted
brethren too.

Amerinda di Praga

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