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Yes, very interesting.  After your comment I did a quick perusal of a few web 
topics and came across a comment that taverns were concidered higher class than 
alehouses because wine (which was served in taverns) was more expencive than 


Benedict wrote:
> I recently read an article that was regarding the daily habits of the 
Elizabethan middle
> and upper class, not noblity.  It stated that the vast majority of houses in 
the middle
> and upper-middle classes did not contain what we would regard as a kitchen.  
The article
> speculates that is was cheaper to 'eat out' than to cook at home due to the 
lack of any
> way to keep food w/o spoiling, while taverns/inns would be able to constantly 
get fresher
> food.  At home foods would have been breads and easy to keep veggies (onions, 
> ect) but meat at home would have been uncommon.
> Benedict / Joe

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