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> I believe two questions are to be answered. 
> 1. Yes, the "By" was non-destructive.  And, no, Don-Sir Simon, the winner 
> never was matched with him.  Sir Simon was only felled once in the final 
> round by Lord Avery, who gave him a good match.  I remember Dominic, Sir 
> Emrys's squire being matched with him in the first round.  And, there was a 
> match in the 3rd round with the "by", but I don't remember anymore.  
> Thanks
> Harry

Harry I have a pictuer of simon fighting the bye. :o)  and then there was the 
two rounds that he sat whlie the other 4 fighters fought. that is what i 
believe modious was talking about.


PS: I remember the bye fighting as the bye 3 times

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