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It was me!!!!! I did it!!!!!

If someone is to be blamed for the pairings in the last two rounds, then it
would be me. When it came down to the final five, HE Valeria paired the four
fighters who had one loss each against each other, and said that Simon would
face the one who survived, since he was undefeated and the rest of us had
one loss each. She asked if it would be okay, and I said that it was her
pleasure, and that that arrangement would be fine with us. Since none of us
was afraid to lose, I stand by that decision.
If any of the other four finalists have problems with it, please chime in
and yell at me, either publically here or privately, as you see fit. I will
accept that. Of course, anyone else, including those who weren't even at the
event, can yell also. This is an open public forum.

Don Duncan
Sable Scroll Pursuivant
Proud Holder of the Queen's Blade of Honor
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    I believe two questions are to be answered.

    1. Yes, the "By" was non-destructive.  And, no, Don-Sir Simon, the
    never was matched with him.  Sir Simon was only felled once in the final
    round by Lord Avery, who gave him a good match.  I remember Dominic, Sir
    Emrys's squire being matched with him in the first round.  And, there
was a
    match in the 3rd round with the "by", but I don't remember anymore.


  Harry I have a pictuer of simon fighting the bye. :o)  and then there was
  two rounds that he sat whlie the other 4 fighters fought. that is what i
  believe modious was talking about.


  PS: I remember the bye fighting as the bye 3 times

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