ARN - Ansteorra's Rose's Tourney

Cliff Williams ctwilliams at
Wed Dec 20 17:00:14 PST 2000

Good day to one and all.  I always hesitate to broadcast in a public forum
because so many can take something the wrong way when it is only in print
and not heard.  However, as one who did not face the Dreaded By and was not
in the finals I still want it on record that I had a great time and was
treated very well the whole event.  I think we miss the point when the by is
non-destructive and feel that "someone was given a round".  This should not
be the case as usually no one faces the By more than once.  I don't object
to a non-destructive By when the bouts are picked by random draw and I do
not face the By, even if it meant I was out of the tournament in short
order.  We all had the same opportunity to face the By, but the luck of the
draw is what determines who we shall face and this we should all take as an
accepted rule.  I was there and fought but I honestly am not upset as to who
fought the by because it really is the luck of the draw.

Now I will get down off my soap box and probably not be on here for a long
time, which will be too short for some of you :)

My congratulations to Sir Don Simon for winning the first title of Defender
of the Rose.  I also wish to express my deepest gratitude for those that
worked so hard to bring this fine event to our Kingdom, and to the Ladies of
the Rose I wish to thank you for allowing me to enter such a fine list.

yours in Service
Baron Theodric

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