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I'm trying to get some of the Rapier materials from the past online on
the new rapier web site.  Right now, I"m working on the Academy of the
Rapier IX booklet.  I've found that Larkin has put much of it in html
format, but has been struggling to get permissions.   For those of you
who provided material for this booklet, may I have permission to put it
on the web?  Can you make it a blanket permission, for those of you who
also have material in multiple AoR booklets?  If you know of people who
are not online or possibly even playing anymore, who are listed below,
could you please forward this to them, or give me their contact info...?



Articles and authors (possibly a little messed up by ocr):

A Handbook of Guards and Weapon Combinations -  Iolo FitzOwen
Stretching for Rapier Combat - Eule von Hagenbauld
Drilling for lmprovement - Christian Richard Dupre
Realistic Blow Calling - Iolo FitzOwen and Christian Richard Dupre
Sword and Foil - Savian de Valence
Strategies for Tournament Combat - Maelgwyn Dda
Learning to Teach - Dominic Sentri
Skirting the Issues - Julianna de Saint Cheron
Ciriculum Outline - Kyra Hartsong

Patterns and Ideas for Ansteorran Dueilo -  Armour Rolanda Rossner
Quick and Dirty Trunkhose -  Tivar Moondragon
A Hood That's Easy and Works - AmberLea Fairchild
The Making of Swashbuckler Boots - Jessop Rebours
Rapier Combat Accessories - Blaine Attewood the Juggler

Marshalling -  Adelle of Moondragon
Proactive Marshalling: Notes from a Donly Discussion - Kyra Hartsong
How to Be List Mistress - Adelicia Gilwell
Field Heraldry -  Alden Pharamond
Courtly Graces - Robin of Gilwell and Adelicia Gilwell
Etiquette On and Off the Field - Dominic Sentri and Devonayc
Tournament Etiquette -  Joy

The Duello in Elizabethan England - Maelgwyn Dda
Period Role Models - Ettienne de Montigue
Duties of the Queen's Champion According to the Oueens - AmberLea
What is a Don? - Robin of Gilwell

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