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Mon Jan 24 07:30:53 PST 2000

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>Subject: Re: ARN - Rapier Web Site
>Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 11:51:07 -0600

>> >>I just got the not terribly finished Ansteorra Rapier Web site up and
> >>running on the new Ansteorran server.  It needs tons of work, but it's a
> >>start.  Please feel free to volunteer to fix/finish up parts of it....

I went to the page..It is good looken for what is there. Can't wait to see 
the finished product!  I found several non-existant links, but I see you 
said it is not finished yet.

James De Warrenne

>Really? It worked fine when I looked at it. Of course this was when I got
>home from work last night at 4a.m. =o)
>It looks good Isobel. I really like the picture on the main page. I wish I
>had something to contribute to it to help out.
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