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David Jordan jordand at
Tue Mar 7 04:11:25 PST 2000

Once again into the breach................

M'Lords and Ladies,

I again have the priviledge of offering the finest equipment, parts and
supplies in support of the rapier (light and heavy) community.  White Wolf
Trading Company has masks,  blades, personal protection ("armor") and
related items for the light fighting community.

We can be reached at ( jordand at ) or via telephone at (254) 773-2095.
We are physically located in Temple (Tempio) and would love to be of service
to those in need of equipment, support and supplies.

We will not be at Gulf War this year, but will be at most of the key events
in Texas; make plans now to see us at "Hero of the Temple"  (7-9 April in
Temple) if not before.

I look forward to serving your needs.

in service,

Wulfgar von Regensburg, HansGraf
White Wolf Trading Company
4013 Deer Trail
Temple, Texas  76504

(254) 773-2095           jordand at
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Date: Monday, March 06, 2000 17:05
Subject: ARN - equipment

>I was wondering if anyone out there may have any equipment (mask, armour,
>hardware, etc.) that they'd be willing to part with or otherwise sell
>-Ken of BrynGwlad
>p.s.  Thanks, but I already got my own cup.
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