ARN - My buckler.

gptaylor gtaylor at
Tue Mar 14 07:05:55 PST 2000

As is wont to occur, my buckler and I have parted company.  The last
place I saw it was at Siege of the Mission.   Someone helped me pack.
Big mistake.  With my ability to scatter personal effects, I have to
take inventory before leaving site!

Anyhow, I contacted all the appropriate Seawinds folk, who asked around;
nobody had seen it.  I figured that I must have left it someplace where
nobody found it and I was out of luck.

However, one of my friends who went to Black, White and Sort-of Grey
believes that he saw someone using it there.  As it has my arms painted
on it, a flaming salamander on a white bend, on a blue ackground, it's
kinda hard to miss.  On the back, it has either my name or Lionardo's
name on it.

I"m going to assume that someone brought it to the event, looking to
return it to me, and didn't have a buckler of their own to use.  If
someone has the buckler, please write me and let me know.  If anyone
sees someone with it, who doesn't know me, please let them know that it
does have an owner, albeit an absent-minded one, and offer to deliver it
to me.  If anyone could deliver it to me at Gulf War, it would be
appreciated.  Otherwise, I definitely will be at the Southern Regional

Also...anyone find a metal-frame cot with my name on it?  Any number of
drinking vessels?  A large black cloak?  A box of mundane clothes?
Misc. Gloves?  My head? (btw...the worst thing that I've ever forgotten
was a blind friend at a youth group meeting, while the rest of us
started driving off to eat; such a shame, my magnum opus while only in
high school).

Isobel (absent minded Research Scientist Associate IV)

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