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Russell Husted husted at
Fri May 5 08:46:59 PDT 2000

  After a few recent conversation with a several fighters I was left with an 
unsavory taste in my mouth about tip cuts.

First is the understanding of the current rules. I was told that you do not 
call tip cuts unless you both agree ahead of time.

Now to Quote the rule: section 4.I.A.4.c. Tip cuts and push cuts are 
optional. If any fighter chooses not to face these cuts no tip or push cuts 
will be used in that bout or melee. A fighter who does not wish to face tip 
or push cuts will inform his opponent(s) and the marshals before combat 

So just to clear my frustration, this means that they are to be called 
unless agreed upon ahead of time that they are not to be called? Correct?

Second is the question about the affectiveness of tip cuts. I will start by 
again quoting a rule:

section 4.I.A.5.b. Any cut that the fighter perceives against himself that 
travels 5 inches (12cm) of the blade or on the body is considered a good 

I very much agree that some shots are very much inaffective and really 
should not be called. But I think the quoted rule applies very well. Very 
few people have shins more than 5 inches wide, so a tip cut across the shin 
is useless for the most part. However, a tip cut across the pectoral muscles 
is very affective. I took a live steal tipcut, about 1/8th inch deep or less 
across the tendon on the front of my shoulder once. I seriously lost the 
effective use of that arm for several days. The cut was only partially the 
way through the tendon, but the effect was profound. It hurt to move that 
arm for over a month.

Although I am argueing, I am not sort of. What I would really like is an 
agreement between fighters and the rules. I personally feel that there a 
cuts to call and cuts that do nothing. I feel tip cuts when played with a 
mind on anatomy make sence and worry that it will give rhinohiders even more 
reason to ignore even more shots.

Yes, I am whining, but I feel strongly about this, and would really like to 
hear your feelings as well.

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