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Tue May 30 15:35:52 PDT 2000

Frankly, given my deep and abiding disaffection for the Canton site, as well
as the likely weather outlook for that weekend, the only way I'd be likely
to go and fight would be for it to be held indoors.

Don Heatwimp

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>What has brought up the question of indoor vs Outdoor fighting events is
>Ansteorra's upcoming Queen's Champion Tourney.
>The site has been reserved.  The list field is generally placed in an area
>direct sunlight, on grass.  At the time of year when Queen's will be held,
>will be over 100 degrees, with considerable humidity.
>This same site also has a large hall.  Huge, in fact.  It can probably
>hold six to eight individual fields, if needed.  It's Air Conditioned,
>means that it will drop the temperature by about 15 degrees, and may remove
>of the moisture in the air (depending on the type of AC it is).  It has a
>concrete floor that's not horribly slippery (I fought on it, and it gave
>at least equivalent to slightly damp morning grass).
>Word has it that the last time one of our Queens held an indoor
Championship, she
>received grief from people who would rather have had it held outdoors.
>No matter what our Princess chooses, she will receive grief.
>I, personally, get very bad heat headaches, to the point of nausea, no
matter how
>much I drink (heat, not dehydration, related) and subsequent lingering
>dullness.  I can't even warm up enough to fight well, without overheating,
>high temperatures.  I practice on concrete.  In this light, knowing that
there is
>an air conditioned hall 500 yards away would be horrible.
>That said, and assuming that they've actually reserved the hall for the
>day...could, perhaps, we Ansteorrans get permission from HRH to vote as a
>community, for which place on the Canton site we want to hold the tourney?
>Allyson can always choose to accept our decision or's still up to
>her...but doing this ourselves would potentially make it our own decision
>take any flack off of her.  I'll abide by the decision of the community and
>whine (and die quickly and go sit in the hall if we hold it outside...okay,
>the whining out of the way).
>Our present auth cards have email addresses on them, which probably are in
>Mistress Stella's database.   If we ask and get a green light, would anyone
>time to do one heck of a multimailing?  I'll do it if necessary...but am
>with other SCA obligations...
>Isobel (the heat wimp)
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