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Donald Riney dariusobells at
Tue May 30 15:44:22 PDT 2000

The hall at the Canton Site is indeed of considerable size. It is also 
considerable expense to rent the hall. This I tell you as a past Autocrat 
using the site. It is also somewhat dificult to cooridinate a feast when 
using that particular hall.

I have no problem fighting indoors or out. However particuarily in the 
summer heat I would rather fight in the hall if it can be obtained. This may 
force the hosting shire to raise site fees a bit to cover the cost. If they 
have decided against using the hall I would most definatly beg and plead 
that some of the shady area on the site be used as  a list field rather than 
the large expanse of clay soiled field with no trees.

I would not Fault Her Highness nor the Shire of Rosenfeld for either choice. 
I will be there blade in hand fighting to honor my Queen, naught else naught 


Isobell said:
This same site also has a large hall.  Huge, in fact.  It can probably 
>hold six to eight individual fields, if needed.  It's Air Conditioned, 
>means that it will drop the temperature by about 15 degrees, and may remove 
>of the moisture in the air (depending on the type of AC it is).  It has a
>concrete floor that's not horribly slippery (I fought on it, and it gave 
>at least equivalent to slightly damp morning grass).

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