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Tue May 30 19:26:04 PDT 2000

Isobel brought up some good points, but we'll have to 
wait and see.

I am marshal in charge for the tournament.  My personal 
preference is fighting outdoors, as I've never really 
liked fighting indoors for many of the reasons cited by 
others on this list.  However, I will not rule out 
fighting indoors.  We are going to look at all 
possibilities (indoor, and outdoor).  We are going to 
look at all available areas outdoors (yes, including 
the shady ones.)  I will consult with HRH Allyson as 
well as the Kingdom Chirurgeon on this matter.

I am concerned about the possibility of heat-related 
incidents as well as the risk of fighting on the 
concrete floor of the hall.  I would ask that anyone 
that has a strong preference either way to please email 
me privately and not swamp this list.

Whatever the decision, not everyone will be pleased.  
So when the time comes, if you are one of the ones that 
are displeased, do NOT turn your displeasure toward 
Rosenfeld or the queen, bring it to me.  I will take 
full responsibility.

Don Ansgar von Aachen
Ansteorran Kingdom Rapier Marshal
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