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Lisa A. May maaggie at
Tue May 30 20:19:06 PDT 2000

>I am concerned about the possibility of heat-related
>incidents as well as the risk of fighting on the
>concrete floor of the hall.  I would ask that anyone
>that has a strong preference either way to please email
>me privately and not swamp this list.

Respectfully, Don Ansgar, I disagree with the request you have just made.
This is a topic of interest and concern to the entire rapier community and
is precisely the type of topic that *should* be discussed on the list.  The
indoors vs. outdoors argument does not pertain to just this single
tournament but could potentially impact how we eventually conduct more
(many?) of our tournaments in the future.

For my part, when I started chivalric fighting many years ago, my shire's
regular practice (in Pennsylvania) was held indoors on a concrete floor
because of the long months of winter -- an opposite but equally serious
weather problem.  Those few rapier fighters who were in the shire also
practiced indoors.  Many groups in the northeast hold all their practices
indoors because of freezing weather that makes it hazardous to fight
ourdoors.  It is a matter of training and adapting to a different surface,
something that any of us can do with time and patience.  While I also prefer
the ambiance of the outdoors, I hate to see the fun diminished for so many
fighters and spectators because they are so miserable in the heat.  And, I
dislike knowing how many choose not to fight because of it.

As well, it is my understanding that it is a perfectly period way to
fight -- didn't the great fencing masters give instruction in their salons,

Finally, I echo your request that the rapier community accept whatever
decision is made with grace and courtesy.  Her Highness is in a difficult
position, and we do not need to make her job any harder by whining if we
don't happen to agree with her decision.  If you are adamantly against
whatever choice she makes, simply decline to attend the event.


Lisa A. May

"And do as adversaries do in law, strive mightily then eat and drink as

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