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Donald Riney dariusobells at
Wed May 31 06:45:03 PDT 2000

I must disagree that holding this tournament outdoors, would 'guarantee' 
heat injuries on and off the field. At the Kings Champion/Kingdom Warlord 
tourney of Barn I we had ambient temperatures of 110-115 with heat index of 
up to 130 we had possibly fewer heat injuries and problems than at cooler 
events I have attended.

The only thing that will guarantee heat Prostration is failing to care for 
oneself and take proper precautions in exceptionally hot weather. The one 
semi severe heat injury we had was due to the individual not eating all day.

I do agree with the point of conditioning. It would be nice to know in 
advance if we are inside or out so those fighters planing to attend can 
prepare and practice accordingly.

In service
HL Darius of the Bells

>From: Theron Bretz <tbretz at>


>On the other hand, fighting outdoors at the Canton site in July will
>guarantee cases of heat prostration or worse.  It's just that simple.  In
>such cases (I speak from personal experience here - lots of personal
>experience), the victim's event is effectively over.  Proper recovery from
>heat prostration takes several hours, longer still if the victim can't
>completely get away from the heat during the recovery period.
>Consider this:  the the majority of Ansteorran fencers get in their primary
>practice time at night (Steppes, Stargate/Loch Sollier, Bryn Gwlad, and
>Bjornsborg all predominantly practice this way).  As a result, there is a
>definite lack of the sort of conditioning needed to stand up to the sort of
>day we can be almost guaranteed at Queens.  Having lived through the 
>that was Alisha's second tournament, I swore never to put myself at that
>sort of risk again (and I did pretty well that day, health-wise).
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