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Wed May 31 07:09:40 PDT 2000

> I must disagree that holding this tournament outdoors, would 'guarantee'
> heat injuries on and off the field. At the Kings Champion/Kingdom Warlord
> tourney of Barn I we had ambient temperatures of 110-115 with heat index
> up to 130 we had possibly fewer heat injuries and problems than at cooler
> events I have attended.

I note you said "fewer heat injuries", not "no heat injuries."  This seems
to support my guarantee of heat injuries.

Two further points should be noted regarding this.  1)  Chivalric armour,
while weighing a bit more, is significantly cooler on average than rapier
gear, as it generally does not cover the entire body in multiple layers of
heavy fabric.  Given that most Ansteorrans fight in "sport armour", it's
possible to be quite a bit cooler in one's chivalric gear than rapier
protection.  2)  Armoured combat being what it is, tends to favor the better
(and better-conditioned) participants much more drastically than rapier
combat (trust me, I've done both for many years and a marginal novice will
generally get further in a rapier tournament than he would in a similar
chivalric list).  As a result, an armoured list becomes (within a round or
two) entirely composed of the better-conditioned combatants (again, bear in
mind I'm speaking in generalities here, there are always exceptions) who are
better at taking care of themselves.  Meanwhile the arrow fodder are out of
armour, cooling off and relatively unharmed by the heat because their day is
already done.

> The only thing that will guarantee heat Prostration is failing to care for
> oneself and take proper precautions in exceptionally hot weather. The one
> semi severe heat injury we had was due to the individual not eating all

That's not the only thing, sadly.  Many people suffer from a medical
predisposition to heat prostration (I'm one of them).  It doesn't guarantee
I'll get heat sick at a summer tournament, but it can mean that I will in
spite of taking every precaution (sleep, eating, fluids, shade, blood
thinners, etc.).  Furthermore, subsequent occurrences of heat prostration
increase this vulnerability for the future.  I'm pretty good at taking care
of myself these days, but it's still something I have to factor in when I
consider whether to go to an event and whether to fight.

> I do agree with the point of conditioning. It would be nice to know in
> advance if we are inside or out so those fighters planing to attend can
> prepare and practice accordingly.

Frankly, I don't think there's enough time between now and the tournament to
really accomplish much on that front.  It's why I'm campaigning so heavily
for the indoor venue.

Don Etienne

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