ARN - Re: Academy of the Rapier

gptaylor gtaylor at
Wed May 31 06:52:14 PDT 2000


Seems that quite a few folk have class questions regarding Academy of the
Rapier.  I think that there is an ad in the Blackstar this month.  However,
for electronic convenience, here's the contact info for the autocrat and
class coordinator, Diego de Valor...  diegovalor at


Ledonna Wallace wrote:

> Hi,
> I know that you are not in charge of the classes.  There that's out of
> the way.  :-)
> I was hoping that you had the contact information for the one who is in
> charge of the classes.  I really want to know what classes are lined up
> and other things.  And it seems that when you post a question like this
> on either the cadets list or ARN, it is ignored or morphed into another
> question.  Sorry I'm in a bad mood so don't read anything into this but
> frustration.
> Thanks for the help.
> Delphina

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