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David Whitford Horoun at
Wed May 31 16:12:52 PDT 2000

Woo-Hoo thank you Edward for saying much of what I wanted(only more calmly)

Travis Walker wrote:

> Mine may not be worth much, but here it is.  I fought all day Saturday
> at Steppes in the heat, ended up fighting over thirty fights in the
> schlager tournament, then came out Sunday
> afternoon and fought all day.
> I watched myself closely for dehydration and/or heat exhaustion.  I kept
> fluids in before during and after fighting both days.  At the end of the
> tournament Sunday, I felt just as good as before the tournament
> Saturday.
> I think it is up to the individual to police themselves when in the
> heat.
> The thought of fighting indoors kinda ruins the whole period idea of
> rapier fighting out on a list for the honor of your Queen.  If we have
> to move it indoors we need to scrap the boots and wear sneakers.  While
> were at it, lets just scrap all that garb stuff just wear sweats and a
> fencing jacket.  You know if we limit the list fields to about 4ft wide,
> we could get a lot more in there too.  Then we could have us a good ol'
> fencing tournament.
> I know I am being sarcastic, but I could have joined a fencing club at
> any time.  I chose the SCA for the atmosphere, not the comfort.
> Sorry to have wasted your time.
> Ld. Edward Mercer
> Cadet to Don Alden
> HRM Rapier Guard.
> Donald Riney wrote:
> > I must disagree that holding this tournament outdoors, would 'guarantee'
> > heat injuries on and off the field. At the Kings Champion/Kingdom Warlord
> > tourney of Barn I we had ambient temperatures of 110-115 with heat index of
> > up to 130 we had possibly fewer heat injuries and problems than at cooler
> > events I have attended.
> >
> > The only thing that will guarantee heat Prostration is failing to care for
> > oneself and take proper precautions in exceptionally hot weather. The one
> > semi severe heat injury we had was due to the individual not eating all day.
> >
> > I do agree with the point of conditioning. It would be nice to know in
> > advance if we are inside or out so those fighters planing to attend can
> > prepare and practice accordingly.
> >
> > In service
> > HL Darius of the Bells
> >
> > >From: Theron Bretz <tbretz at>
> >
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> >
> > >On the other hand, fighting outdoors at the Canton site in July will
> > >guarantee cases of heat prostration or worse.  It's just that simple.  In
> > >such cases (I speak from personal experience here - lots of personal
> > >experience), the victim's event is effectively over.  Proper recovery from
> > >heat prostration takes several hours, longer still if the victim can't
> > >completely get away from the heat during the recovery period.
> > >
> > >Consider this:  the the majority of Ansteorran fencers get in their primary
> > >practice time at night (Steppes, Stargate/Loch Sollier, Bryn Gwlad, and
> > >Bjornsborg all predominantly practice this way).  As a result, there is a
> > >definite lack of the sort of conditioning needed to stand up to the sort of
> > >day we can be almost guaranteed at Queens.  Having lived through the
> > >swelter
> > >that was Alisha's second tournament, I swore never to put myself at that
> > >sort of risk again (and I did pretty well that day, health-wise).
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