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Theron Bretz tbretz at
Wed May 31 18:40:06 PDT 2000

> Just a short note-why not consider the half-way point-fight where the
> usually are in the trees. Ingve pointed this out and it he was right it is
> noticably cooler there.

That's certainly a possible alternative.  If nothing else, it'll mean the
chirurgeons won't have to transport the heat stroke victims quite so far.

And no, Robert, I cannot guarantee a lack of knee injuries.  Such was
certainly not my intent, and I apologize if I hit that big red button marked
"Robert's Hot Button - Push at Your Own Risk".  Nevertheless, my time doing
this tells me there will inevitably be heat injuries if we fight outdoors,
especially given the numbers a Queen's normally draws.  That was the point I
was trying to make.  That a heat injury can be life-threatening is something
I feel we have to take into consideration, especially in dealing with a site
with a reputation for being hotter than hell, and the ready availability of
sufficient air conditioned space.

Don Heatwimp

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