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David Whitford Horoun at
Wed May 31 16:22:50 PDT 2000

Just a short note-why not consider the half-way point-fight where the tents
usually are in the trees. Ingve pointed this out and it he was right it is
noticably cooler there.

BrianC wrote:

> Edward,
> You make some good points on trying to put a more period feel to Queens
> Champion, however the canton sight is not best place to argue for period
> site. In full view of the list field and most other areas you will see the
> parking lots, modern buildings, telephone poles, Ice machines, and much
> more. If these can be overlooked why not the hall? Its far less space to
> decorate and far easier to give a more period feel to the list field.
> Besides once the tournament is underway most of the mundanities will
> disappear anyway and we will not have to deal with heat of summer.
> Like the Etienne, I will abide by what ever decision is made, and I agree
> "that fighting indoors is not an ideal solution, but it beats the
> alternative in my opinion, and only in my opinion.  Ultimately, it's the
> Queen's decision and I will abide by it.  I reserve the right to lobby for
> my position up to the moment that decision is made.  You have every right to
> take up a counter position, although I don't think sarcasm is really
> necessary under the circumstances."
> Etienne, I hope you dont mind that I borrowed your words.
> In service to Kingdom and Crown
> Don Brian Aaron Cameron
> Queen's Own Guard
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