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Wed May 31 09:27:01 PDT 2000

Good technique for staying hydrated sniped :

> The thought of fighting indoors kinda ruins the whole period idea of
> rapier fighting out on a list for the honor of your Queen.  If we have
> to move it indoors we need to scrap the boots and wear sneakers.  While
> were at it, lets just scrap all that garb stuff just wear sweats and a
> fencing jacket.  You know if we limit the list fields to about 4ft wide,
> we could get a lot more in there too.  Then we could have us a good ol'
> fencing tournament.

This raises an interesting question.  Is it 'un'-period to fence in doors for 
the amusment of the crown?  I don't have books on hand to research this 
question and a quik web search hasn't really answered my question. 

How much work would it take to make the inside of the civic center 'look' more 

If we did fence outside like normal, would it help to have an airconditioned 
pavilian for fighters to retreat to to cool off in between bouts?

(who will miss this Queen's, much to my dismay due to family obligations)
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